About Us

Brief History of Maryland Career and TechnICAL Administrators

The Maryland Career and Technical Administrators (MCTA) is an independent, federal non-profit (501(c)6) education association formally established in 2010 by the Local Directors of Career and Technical Education (CTE) from each of Maryland’s 24 school systems. By virtue of this designation, MCTA is also recognized as a non-profit education association by the state of Maryland. The roots of this organization began in April of 2004 when a small group of Local CTE Directors met to initiate the development of a plan for professional development meetings to support their common cause.

During 2010 the MCTA developed bylaws that highlighted the purpose of the organization: To advance career and technical education across Maryland. To achieve this purpose, the MCTA focuses on these three important goals:

  • Enhance and extend the knowledge and skills of local CTE directors, supervisors, and teachers

  • Serve as an advocate and liaison with the Maryland State Department of Education’s Division of Career and College Readiness

  • Assist new local CTE directors with orientation to the position

During MCTA’s development the association obtained a fidelity bond for the officers, initiated an annual dues schedule, and opened checking and Certificate of Deposit accounts to support professional development activities. Participants developed a structure in the bylaws for electing an administrative team consisting of three officers: President, President-Elect, and Treasurer. In addition, they created a contractual position of Executive Director to manage responsibilities for three meetings per year and other relevant duties as assigned.